I’ve decided to collaborate. What happens if our book sells?
Before commencing work, teams are strongly advised to have a conversation about who gets what in the event of a sale.

But I don’t want to sell my book…
No problem! We’ll record NFS on the exhibition documentation.

I’ve decided to collaborate: who gets to keep the book after the exhibition?
Again teams are advised to have this conversation prior to commencing work.


Participants are advised that the exhibition theme can be interpreted broadly and/or in a purely visual format. 


Will there be a commission on sales?
Yes, the Lock Up will charge a 20% commission. Artspace Mackay will not charge a commission. 


I’m worried about my book being damaged or stolen…
Caelli and Helen will be gallery sitting for the duration of the exhibition and  while the John Paynter Gallery space is reasonably secure (apart from the cells, which are separate from the main exhibition area, there are no blind corners etc.) However, we do need to invoke the ‘all care but no responsibility’ maxim and suggest that participating artists seek their own insurance if they feel this is appropriate for their work.

Books in display cases are likely to face minimal risk. Books in the open section, on display in the library, will be handled (with the permission of the Artist) by members of the public and this obviously brings with it a greater risk of damage. We will instruct people to take care, use gloves if requested and also have hand-cleaning wipes close to the display. Please talk to us if you have any particular concerns or requests.

I have specific display requirements….
Not a problem! Just talk to us well in advance of the exhibition opening and we’ll do our best to accommodate your request.

I’d like to read my book at the exhibition opening or exhibition events…
Great! Please contact us to discuss. 


When and how do I need to pay my $20 entry fee?
Artists are requested to pay an entry fee. Cheques or money orders may be made payable to either Caelli Jo Booker or Helen Hopcroft and posted c/o Caelli to PO Box 2421, Dangar NSW Australia 2309. Please note that artists and writers submitting work from outside Australia, and thus absorbing greater postage costs, do not have to pay an entry fee. It’s one entry fee per team, or per individual artist, multiple entries do not attract multiple fees. 


How do I get my work to the gallery?
Artists are responsible for the postage of work and delivery/collection of their work to/from the gallery. Work may be posted at any time (c/o Caelli to PO Box 2421, Dangar NSW Australia 2309) and a personal delivery period will be established closer to the install date.


By what date do I need to send through images for publicity/display purposes?
1st May 2011. Please remember to send through your full name, title, image details/captions, date, etc.

What image specifications and file size?
Images should be print quality jpgs @ 300 dpi and under A4 in size (just to keep the file sizes down) Artists are free to optimise large images but if possible please keep them under 2meg each and email to happilyeverafter11ATgmailDOTCOM


December 2010-January 2011: invitations sent out to invitation only section of exhibition. Responses due Monday 31st January.

January 2011-February 2011: invitations sent out to open section of exhibition: Responses due Thursday 31st March.

Teams formed for invitation only section throughout February, and for open section, throughout March.

1st May: images for publicity and display due

1st May: participants curriculum vitae/artist’s statement due

Monday 6th June: delivery of work to John Paynter Gallery and installation

Friday 10th June: exhibition opens at John Paynter Gallery

Saturday 11th June: midday exhibition opening event

Sunday 26th June: exhibition closes at John Paynter Gallery

Friday 29th July: exhibition opens at Artspace Mackay

Friday 28th October: exhibition closes at Artspace Mackay


Please feel free to email us with any questions you may have regarding the show 
to happilyeverafter11ATgmailDOTCOM