Sunday, June 30, 2013

Happily Ever After, 'Happily Ever After'...

The time has come for Happily Ever After to be lovingly dismantled and the last of the books returned to their writer and makers...

We just wanted to take the time to say thank you to the venues for hosting the show - John Paynter Gallery, Artspace Mackay, Manly Library and the Auchmuty Library at the University of Newcastle.
In particular the generous support of cultural staff at each location:

Kerrie Coles for accepting our initial proposal, and Lance Turner, Belinda Howden, Emily Roberts and the volunteers at the Lock-up and John Paynter Gallery Newcastle for hosting the first incarnation of the exhibition.

Michael Wardell, Anna Thurgood, Alicia Stevenson
, Billie-Jo Obst and the staff at Artspace Mackay for the wonderful install and finding a space for the exhibition in their program.

Ruth Raymond, Wendy Ford and their team at Manly Library for their fabulous integrated activity program and handling of the exhibition.

Gillean Shaw, and her team at the University Gallery for their facilitation of the Auchmuty incarnation of the show, especially Eliza Adam who helped us install the works. 

Thank you to the contributors to the opening events, Dr Caroline Webb, The Hunter Writers Centre, Maike Strichow, Noelle Janaczewska, Talya Rubin, Tallulah Cunningham, Monica Oppen, Beverley Seiver, David Hampton, Linda Swinfield, Gillean Shaw, Niomi Sands, Stephanie Kaul, Eleanor Jane Robinson, Pamela See, Pamela Poulson, Sylvia Ray and Anne-Maree Hunter, Mark Nolasco, Sprocket Roasters... there are surely people we have neglected to mention by name, but thank you for your kind support.

Thank you also, to the audiences for the works, and the gallery and library visitors who took the time to engage with the artists books.

Most of all, thank you to the artists and writers themselves for the generous (and lengthy) loan of their wonderful work to the show in each of its different guises. It has been a pleasure to be involved in the show and discover so many artists who share a love for the artist book form.

Best wishes and thank you from Caelli and Helen.

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